Fundraiser Campaign to complete rebuilding of  "The Flat"

Help us to raise EC$228,000 by September 18, 2017.
On September 18th 2016 The Anglican "Girls" High School  celebrated 100 years as an institution of learning for girls. 
We want to hand over this modern sports facility at the beginning of the 102nd school calendar year Sept 18th 2017.


Support sports, health, wellness and physical education

1916 - On September 18th 1916, Church of England High school was founded for girls by Archdeacon Walton with 19 students and 3 faculty members.
1934 - The House system was introduced establishing the Sports and Physical fitness aspect for annual competitions.

Sports Championship Winners Country-wide:
INTERCOL - Is the annual track and field competition between high school
athletes on the island. This event started in 1965.
Anglican High School has won the Girl's Intercol Championship in:
1965; 1967-1969; 1973; 1988-1997; 2014; 2015 and recently retained the championship for 2016

Netball Championship Winners Country-wide:
Netball is similar to basketball although the rules, equipment and team numbers are slightly different
2015 - 1st place in the Inter-Secondary Netball Competition - ‘A’ Division.
2016 – 1st place in the Inter-Secondary Netball Competition - ‘A’ Division.

Train, Play and Enjoy

Sports Facility "The Flat" will comprised of: Tri-court – Netball, Basketball, Volleyball; Football/Soccer, 200m Track, Long & High Jump area and Field Events area.

Project plan

Project plan

Project plan

Project plan

Project plan

Project plan View the project scope

Project status

Oct 2016 component 1 - Drain waterproofing and back filling - completed - EC$39,000.00
Site Preparation ; Receipt of Fill to raise surface level to 3” feet; backfilling; Manhole Construction - 4 # Manholes; Concrete cover to existing Concrete drain
Funding source(s): AHS Pastpupils NY Chapter EC$39,600; Individual alumni at 100th anniversary reunion EC$11,352.00

June 2017 component 2 - Drain waterproofing and back filling - cost - EC$122,812.00

Complete the lifting of flat 3” feet includes Incinerator base Demolition; Install Retaining wall / Tire Berm; Laying of Playing field; Planting of grass; Perimeter Fence repair;

August 2017 component 3 - Car park; Equipment & Incinerator - cost - EC$66,188.00

Surface area for parking; rebuild replica of the Incinerator using most of the original bricks; enhance the entrance for pedestrians; equipment for the various sports

Confirmed Funding source(s) towards Component 2 & 3:





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Help us to raise US $228,000
by Sept. 2017

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